Words of Trained Pup Owners:

lan-family-testimonial"We recently brought home Pepper, our Trained Pup, and could not be happier! From the initial email contact with The Trained Pup they were very helpful answering the many, many questions we had. It almost sounded to good to be true: a pup, already trained! But sure enough that it exactly what we got, and we are so pleased. The Trained Pup was very welcoming and helpful when we visited the pups. They spent a lot of time with us, again answering more questions and helping us make a good match between our family and pup. Once we chose Pepper (or Pepper chose us!), The Trained Pup spent more time reviewing Pepper’s training and making sure we knew just how to continue with Pepper’s training. This process really set us up for success. From the initial meeting, I was very impressed with how well trained Pepper was; easily demonstrating sit, down, stay, forward and heel. We have had Pepper at home now for about a week and are so in love with our pup, and so relieved to not be experiencing many of the woes of early-puppy-training. In addition to knowing the above commands, Pepper is house and crate trained…only one little accident, but everyone makes mistakes! After only a few days with us, we were able to walk Pepper off leash both at the beach and on the trail, confident that Pepper would stay close. I believe that The Trained Pup not only trains the pups well, but cares well for the pups. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone looking for a pup to contact The Trained Pup.   The Lan Family, Comox, Vancouver Island.  

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