Words of Trained Pup Owners:


The Lan Family with: PEPPER

“We recently brought home Pepper, our Trained Pup, and could not be happier!

From the initial email contact with The Trained Pup they were very helpful answering the many, many questions we had. It almost sounded to good to be true: a pup, already trained! But sure enough that it exactly what we got, and we are so pleased. The Trained Pup was very welcoming and helpful when we visited the pups. They spent a lot of time with us, again answering more questions and helping us make a good match between our family and pup.

Once we chose Pepper (or Pepper chose us!), The Trained Pup spent more time reviewing Pepper’s training and making sure we knew just how to continue with Pepper’s training. This process really set us up for success. From the initial meeting, I was very impressed with how well trained Pepper was; easily demonstrating sit, down, stay, forward and heel. We have had Pepper at home now for about a week and are so in love with our pup, and so relieved to not be experiencing many of the woes of early-puppy-training.

In addition to knowing the above commands, Pepper is house and crate trained…only one little accident, but everyone makes mistakes! After only a few days with us, we were able to walk Pepper off leash both at the beach and on the trail, confident that Pepper would stay close. I believe that The Trained Pup not only trains the pups well, but cares well for the pups. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone looking for a pup to contact The Trained Pup.

The Lan Family, Comox, Vancouver Island.



I wanted to write this testimonial to encourage others to trust The Trained Pup with a decision as big as the decision to get a new puppy. I honestly don’t know how I would have been able to manage if Ziba’s training foundation wasn’t built so strongly by The Trained Pup. She is an amazing well behaved dog and her training foundation is solid and has stuck with her (through ongoing training of course). The Trained Pup has been supportive throughout the whole process and even months after my purchase of Ziba they were kind enough to meet up with me again to help me (even more than what we agreed upon in the original contract).
The Trained Pup been readily available through texts and calls right away when I needed some help and advice (even when I was away on vacation with Ziba). People have asked me why I paid $2000 for a mixed breed rescue dog and I can’t even stress enough that the $2000 is far well worth it. There is no way to put a dollar value on what support and training was done and received (myself included). The people at The Trained Pup are kind, professional, honest and easy to talk to. Super amazing people and excellent with dogs (obviously). If you have any questions or doubts about getting a puppy from The Trained Pup then please ask for my number from The Trained Pup and call me as I would be happy to discuss further my experience with them and how helpful it was to get a pre-trained puppy.

I would purchase a dog from them again (and even further training as required) and would happily refer him to my friends and family who are looking to get a dog. Thank you Trained Pup for everything! You are truly wonderful at what you do and there should be more people out there like you.

Renee. D (and Ziba)


Derek & Tracy with: IVY

In September my wife and I were blessed to find The Trained Pup through a friend. She had met these puppies during their socialized training time at Kits beach in Vancouver and gave us the name of the website.

Within a week we met Ivy and immediately fell in love with her. The Trained Pup took the time to explain to us their mission and information about dog behavior. They said they wouldn’t allow one of his puppies to be adopted into any family if it wasn’t the right fit.

We had wanted a puppy for a few years, but both being shift workers, we were concerned with raising a puppy. The chance of us both attending obedience classes together would be difficult therefore providing consistency would be a challenge for all of us. We were not only worried about house training but also having a puppy that wasn’t properly socialized with people or other dogs was a big fear of ours.

The Trained Pup answered all our many questions and he put our minds at ease. Ivy had been raised with other puppies along with an older dog. She was taken all over the lower mainland to be socialized with people and experience different situations. For example, she has been on a boat and went to a stable to meet horses.  After meeting us at our home to see where Ivy would potentially live and if our 8-year-old cat would cohabitate with the new pup. It astonished us to see how easy Ivy took to establishing boundaries with our cat. The Trained Pup agreed that Ivy was a perfect fit for us and would make a great addition to our family.

The Trained Pup began preparing us for being parents to Ivy. They gave us the skills and confidence to continue the training that he had taught her.  Ivy came into our lives knowing how to sit, stay, heal, down, and forward (return command). Within only a few weeks we had taught Ivy how to search, fetch, and shake a paw.

We are forever grateful to The Trained Pup for everything they have taught both Ivy and us. The Trained Pup is not only rescuing and training puppies but also placing them with amazing families and giving everyone a lifetime of happiness. We can’t say enough amazing things about The Trained Pup and we would recommend it a 100%.

“Ivy’s parents, Derek & Tracy”


Alex with: Sitka

I was lucky enough to stumble across The Trained Pup on my hunt for a Border Collie and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I cannot begin to describe how amazing it was to bring a fully trained puppy into my life.

Sitka integrated into my world seamlessly, coming to work with me 2 days after I got him and was an absolute star. As a first time dog owner I had questions for The Trained Pup about training and techniques and their commitment to helping me was above and beyond, they really are there for all of their dogs and their owners. Their passion for training and shaping their dogs is evident and when the time comes to introduce another dog into my family I’ll absolutely be coming back to The Trained Pup. Thank you!”

Alex with Sitka


Forest with Hsu siblings

After a month with Forest, everyone can confidently say that she is a part family and has woven into the fabric of our happiness. Forest brought the family closer together in an astonishing period of time. The attention and care that Forest received from the crew at The Trained Pup has a lasting effect on Forest and now our family. From the training, guidance, and love from The Trained Pup, the barrier of adopting a new dog has been overcome. The simple commands such as heel, sit, stay, down and forward were started with Forest in the academy, but have continued with the help of The Trained Pup. After a very informative training session, our family was ready to start a new chapter of our life with Forest. Being socialized from a young age, Forest was excited to meet new people and other animals as well. We were lucky enough to be invited to join a couple socializing events with The Trained Pup at local events such as TedX and SFU Puppy Therapy.

Adopting from The Trained Pup was the best decision we made. Being able to adopt a rescue that has been trained through a very loving teacher, it’s quite heartwarming. When people ask how we came across such a well-trained puppy, we can’t wait to jump on the opportunity to share our experience with The Trained Pup.

Forest with Hsu siblings


The Parr family with Forest

We were introduced to The Trained Pup through a friend, who was also looking for a puppy (thanks Alex!) We ended up car pooling to The Trained Pup ‘ranch’ to meet the puppies. It was reassuring The Trained Pup puppies interviewed us, and helpful to learn about the  methods and philosophy used. We are extremely happy with Mountain, our trained pup. This being our fourth dog, it’s hugely beneficial to have a dog that knows basic commands, is crate trained, and also to know that we are not perpetuating any potentially questionable breeding practices. We highly recommend The Trained Pup.

The Parr family


Kasia and Hari with Marley

My boyfriend and I are dog lovers and had been looking for a puppy for a few months. We recently moved into a brand new townhouse and felt very nervous about getting a puppy. We knew it would be a lot of work and worried about the new carpets and furniture. When we heard about The Trained Pup it seemed like the ideal situation. Just from talking to them on the phone we knew that they had a passion for dogs. They invest so much of his time into shaping their puppies to be the most perfect matches for their owners. They takes the time to meet you and get to know your lifestyle so that they can make sure the fit is right.

We would like to thank The Trained Pup for finding us the perfect companion. My boyfriend and I could not be happier with Marley. The Trained Pup helped shape Marley into a very well socialized and behaved dog. Marley came crate trained and already new the basic commands. He has not chewed on one thing in our home,and had only a few accidents within the first 2 weeks. We are constantly complimented by strangers, family, and  friends about what a smart, calm and friendly dog he is. We were shocked to see how many things Marley had already adapted too. He has been easy to train and we honestly have no concerns. The Trained Pup continues to show how much they care for Marley by keeping in touch with us. They ask for updates and always answer any questions we have about Marley.

We love that The Trained Pup rescues puppies  from all over so that they can have the chance to be loved and cared for. We would recommend The Trained Pup to anyone that appreciates a puppy that is already trained and socialized. Thanks again: we could not ask for a better fit to our family.

Kasia and Hari


Puneet and Ripley

Thank you so much for Ripley! She has been the a part of the family since day 1 and has welcomed us into her eccentric life! Ripley has known the do’s and the don’t’s of living with the Johal Family from the very beginning. Ripley responds to her commands almost 100% of the time with a few exceptions. My mom (who has been giddy around her since we visited The Trained Pup “farm”) has completely fallen in love with her and welcomes all the hugs and kisses Ripley desires! We had an amazing experience meeting you and the other pups, you will definitely hear from us again.

Puneet and Ripley


Hsing & Axel

I received Axel from The Trained Pup less than a week after first meeting the dog and his brothers. He knew and continues to respond properly to the commands Sit, Down, Stay, Heel and Forward. He’s a delightful dog who came as a rescue from a high kill shelter in Texas. The Trained Pup did an amazing job with this dog. He’s smart, friendly, happy, well adjusted and knows his commands right from the start which has made my life SO much easier.

It’s making house training easier too. It makes everything easier really. So in my opinion, The Trained Pup’s services are worth every penny. You can’t go wrong doing business with the Trained Pup.

Hsing, Axel’s pack leader